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Cataract Surgery

No shot, No stitch, No Restriction Cataract Surgery. Marcus S Deranian MD is your Cataract Surgery Specialist with over 24,000 surgeries performed since 1984.

Glaucoma Treatment

The SLT laser is a cool laser that is done in the office for the treatment of Glaucoma. This laser procedure has the potential to take the place of one of your glaucoma eye drops and is painless.

Diabetic Eye Exams

Yearly dilated eye exams are recommended for everyone with diabetes. Diabetes is one of the most common causes of blindness in America. Diabetes affects small blood vessels in the eye, which causes them to leak protein and blood. If this occurs your vision may be affected permanently. Prompt detection and treatment can save your sight.

Exams for Contacts and Glasses

Our Optometrists perform exams for contacts and glasses at each of our locations daily. We prescribe the newest state of the art contacts for your vision needs. Whether you prefer soft or gas permeable contacts we can find the right fit for you.

Eyelid Lesion Removal

Dr. Deranian can remove that stubborn stye, suspicious lid lump, or irritating skin tag from your eyelids. Schedule your appointment today for your evaluation.

On-site Optical Shop

Our optical department can handle all of your optical needs. We carry all of the latest trends and brands from Nike, Guess, Bannana Republic, and more. With our large selection of frames and reasonable prices, come out and visit us today at our Route 121 or Route 36 location.